2011 Reining Series  

After much thought and consideration on how to both attract exhibitors to a pattern class yet still maintain the traditions of the Peruvian Horse, Peruvian Horse Quarterly developed the “Peruvian Reining Series”. 2010 was the first year. While there were some kinks to iron out, with a lot of input from judges, exhibitors and show staff, we believe that the 2011 Series will be GREAT!

The Series has four classes, levels one (bozal and bit), two and three, that allow a wide range for both horse and rider ability. Shows that participated this year had the option to combine the level one classes if that best suits their exhibitors. The difficulty of the required maneuvers at each level increases, with level three having the required movements of the enfrenadura.

The levels also still give people a goal to work toward (e.g. moving to the next level). Riders can pick which level they enter for the first time based upon their ability as well as the horse’s. This is how it is done in Peru as well as dressage and doma vaquera. A horse may only enter one level per show and must advance if the horse wins a certain number of times in a certain level, much like a Laureado.

Each required maneuver is worth 10 points and all classes do not add up to 100 points. So, to equalize all divisions, particularly for the year end High Point Awards, a multiplier must be calculated to make the classes “out of ” a possible 100 points. Optional maneuvers are worth 10 points each but only count for 1/2 have half multipliers by level. This was done to make it easier for the judges. This year, we will have another layer of mulipliers for the levels, hence giving more points for level two than level one and the most potential points for level three for the year-end awards

Shows currently offering the Reining Series II are:
• Gold Rush Classic Double Show
• Los Amigos Championship Show
• Central Coast Championship Show
• Southern California Fall Classic & Grand Championship Shows (Double Show)
• If a show in your area would like to participate, please contact us (805-350-1232).

Peruvian Horse Quarterly is awarding two end-of-year High Points: Peruvian Reining Series I: High Point Professional and High Point Amateur. This is given to the Professional and Amateur that have accumulated the highest average score from all Peruvian Reining Series classes at the shows they exhibit at. A minimum of 3 scores are required and scores from any level count towards the High Points; they must just be with the same rider.

Best of luck to all exhibitors in 2011; we can't wait to see the competitions begin!


1. Roberto Quijandria 95.5 (tie)
1. Bonnie Gallegos 95.4 (tie)
2. Andrea del Solar 93.8
3. Luis Dapelo 93.4

1. Kelly Powers 89.2
2. Jim Alexander 84.6
3. Charlotte Becerra 78.7